Patient Comments

It was the week of my daughter’s birthday party and I began to stress.    I started to get acne due to the stress and as the days passed my face wasn’t getting better.   At ChirOasis , I had acne treatments with blue and red light therapy. Then next day I noticed less redness and my acne had minimized. My face cleared up in 3 to 4 days just in time for the party!   What I loved most is that I saw results right away!    I would recommend for others to get the light therapy and the Dr. is great!

Ale M.

The foot detox took out so much material out of my body that it was murky. That would explain my fatigue. Feeling better now…

-Jason P.

It was such a wonderfully calming experience! The gradual heat got me a bit sweaty but not uncomfortable at all 🙂 I could have stayed in much longer because I was so relaxed. I could have taken a nice nap!

-Jane S.

I was using the sauna treatment for 6 weeks and lost 7 pounds. Not only does the sauna feel great the music adds a released environment. The ladies are great to work with and I highly recommend giving it a try – TO YOUR HEALTH!

-Lisa S.

I went to Chiroasis and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of treatments available. Not only was my shoulder pain greatly reduced using laser therapy and an adjustment, but the doctor took time to discuss my general health concerns. I also loved the natural products available and the office’s view on complete wellness. I wish all doctors’ visit could be this easy!

-Nicole C.

The infrared sauna treatment was not only enjoyable and revitalizing, but it also provides health benefits from what I have read.  I also enjoyed trying the ionic cleans detox therapy, and will look forward to watching the results in the next few days.

-Ursula B.

ChirOasis was very clean and attractive.  The staff was friendly and doctor is efficient.  My sauna treatment was nice and I really enjoyed the foot detox.  I felt waves of relaxation and release as the process progressed.  I would go back for the foot detox…

-Lisa K.

I went to ChirOasis because my husband gave me a gift certificate for the body wrap… The (worker) mead me feel at ease immediately and I ended up going back again for more body wraps… I loved relaxing and my skin definitely felt smoother each time I went…

-Karla P.

I just finished my treatment with your office and I want to let you know how thankful I am to avail of your services.  The experience has been awesome.  I liked the way you took the time to know my injury and discuss how the treatment will go.  You described each treatment as detailed as possible and how the treatment will correct the injury.   My shoulder has been rehabilitated from this injury… 

-Wendy E.

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